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Plastic letters and numbers for signs are available for changeable outdoor marquees and business wall signs. Lende Signs provides fast turnaround, expert service and great prices on Plastic Letters, Plastic Building Sign Letters and Plastic Laminated Foam Letters.

With over 16 years experience, we’ve processed sign letter and number orders for businesses in all industry sectors. Guaranteed. Lende Signs provides fast, expert service and great prices on sign letters, vinyl lettering, letter boards, parking signs, sidewalk signs and more for business signs.

Expert Service. Quality shipped sign letter products with mount patterns for variety of installation methods.


Building sign letters are for outdoor business signage, address numbers or lobby letters. Manufacture’s lifetime guarantee on Gemini sign letters. We stand confidently behind the quality and craftsmanship of every piece we produce, because we’ve tested it to last a lifetime, or we’ll replace it, free.

The building sign letters are for outdoor business signage, exterior address numbers, interior lobby wall letters or office signs. Plastic Building Sign Letters. Lighted Letters, Cast Metal Sign Letters. Flat Cut Metal Sign Letters. Flat Cut Acrylic Sign Letters.

GEMINI – the world’s largest manufacturer of letters, logos & plaques. Metal, plastic, laminated, illuminated, & more for interior & exterior use. Gemini manufactured dimensional letters, logos and plaques, are distributed through Lende Signs.



Our Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) formed plastic letters and logos are tough, weather-resistant, earth-friendly, and the first dimensional letters we manufactured 50 years ago.  If you see a formed letter in your neighborhood, more than likely it’s ours.  The original.


Choose from 128 standard styles or we can dimensionally replicate your custom letter or logo art design. 29 standard pigmented plastic colors, or painted to match your custom color. Deep dimension at a relatively affordable price.

Metal Letters and Numbers – Which To Choose. Bronze Letters. Brass Letters. Copper Letters. Aluminum Letters.

Cast metal sign letters provide a quality, permanent image for outdoor signage of business names or address numbers. The bronze or aluminum metalwall. These USA made sign letters can be custom made in plastic building letters, metal … signage, exterior address numbers, interior lobby wall letters or office signs. … Metal letters provide a strong, permenant image but are more expensive.


Tough, durable, UV stable, brushed or polished chrome laminated over our vacuum formed plastic. Replicate the look and design aesthetic of custom cast or fabricated metal letters and logos. Unique LED lit options:  chrome during the day, lit at night.


Formed plastic GemLite Letters & Logos can be your low-profile, edge-lit alternative to traditional aluminum fabricated channel letters. Available facelit or backlit with LEDs — all UL certified, ready to go.

Sign Letters are made in USA at very competitive prices. … changeable letters for marquees or letterboard letters, vinyl sign letters, and outdoor … materials, and colors in portable signs, sidewalk sign letters and gas station price numbers.


You’re getting more than an acrylic letter.  Because we extrude our acrylic sheet in-house, we formulate it with impact modifier to stand up to the toughest application challenges only found within the sign industry.  And our acrylic letters and logos can be customized to virtually any custom graphic design, with laser-cut polished edges that can’t be duplicated with a traditional router.

Plastic letters and numbers for signs are available for changeable outdoor marquees and business wall signs. Lende Signs provides fast turnaround on sign products. We offer top quality plastic letters for outdoor signs both small and large. … to 48” if you need largeer or smaller just contact us and we can create a custom order.


Available in many standard pigmented colors or painted to your specifications, we have the widest offering of plastic pigments and thicknesses because we start with sheets of impact-modified acrylic extruded at our own plants.

Acrylic Letters and Numbers Sizes from 2″ to 72″ , available in 32 pigmented colors. Acrylic Letterscan also be painted to match your custom PMS colors. Acrylic letters and Logos are laser cut with exacting precision and sharp polished edges. Our Gemini Sign Letters Are Made of Durable Acrylic That Will Withstand the Elements. Made in America.

Get your acrylic letters to create the perfect sign. We provide custom acrylic signs and lettering design using laser cut precision. Contact us today!

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