Sign Services

Sign products made and sold by Lende Signs.
Sign products made and sold here!
Store front wall panel signs
Poly metal sign designed and made with cut vinyl lettering for Laven Paint & Design.
Lighted Sign cabinet fabrication with efficient LED.
Hill Avenue Dental lighted sign cabinet fabrication with translucent vinyl and installed.
Okoboji Barn billboard sign
Okoboji Barn billboard sign panels assembled and wood pole structure.

Lende Sign Services and Product Solutions. We help you shine!

We have been in sign business since 2002. We offer creative sign design, make signs, decals, do survey’s and installations too.We’ll create options to fit your project budget. You need to establish your budget first for us to create the right solution. 

Email a detailed sign work description, with requirements and approximate budget. That will  help narrow down the sign options for that budget range.

• Please provide as much information, via e-mail in advance of phone conversation. (contact info, photos, size considered, work required etc.)• We can have phone conversation to further discuss your ideas and clarify all work requested in e-mail.• This will allow us to work most efficiently and move a project ahead quickly with the best communication for us to satisfy your job requirements.• Cost calculations can be estimated, with prepaid installment payments made before work starts.• To calculate payment FEE for Sign Budget, determine level of sign service work. Include sign survey time, consulting, vinyl letter installations, and other service work based time etc. Include $1 for each trip mile, +$65 /hr on location time, plus material costs if known. Fair upfront pricing method with final bill based on total time and materials used. 

• *Balance of work payment not estimated is due as each “project phase” is completed. Such as additional services, materials and extended work, equipment rental etc. Electrical work provided will by your electrician or by our recommendation.

All trip charges help cover time and vehicle expense purchase costs including gas, oil, tires, maintenence, insurance etc.Cost base is $65 /hr for our labor time on site doing the sign survey, photography, consulting, or install work etc. for one person. Sub contracted sign installation for big signs requiring booms, lifts and people will have additional higher fees. • We look forward to working with you! Buy Sign Services, prepayment or downpayment required. Before work starts Pre-Pay your Sign Service Downpayment Fee, as first installment is required before any work is started!*We accept cash, company check, money order, credit card, Stripe, PayPal!