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Becoming a Supplier Partner

Welcome! Thank you so much for your interest in partnering with us.
Our mission is to showcase a thoughtfully curated selection of brands for our customer, so we’re looking for partners who share in our passion and uphold our standards for quality products and experiences.

Our suppliers help us meet the needs of customers each week with responsibly produced products and services. Want to join the other businesses around the country that proudly call themselves LendeSigns suppliers? Take a look below to learn more about us, and what it takes to become a supplier partner.


How it works

Sell your products next to the wide assortment sold by LendeSigns and other Marketplace sellers

As an approved LendeSigns Marketplace Seller, you will:

Add your items

Build your catalog, control inventory and set prices using one of our convenient integration methods. Provide quality descriptions, titles & clean data.

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Fulfill your orders

Manage orders and shipping methods, ship items directly to your customer and provide customer care.

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Get paid

No setup or monthly fees! A reasonable referral fee is automatically deducted from your prompt payment for sold items.

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Ready, Set, Sell
Once approved, complete these 5 steps and start selling!

Fill out the application telling us about your business and products

Sign the Retailer Agreement with a LendeSigns representative

Complete your seller profile and connect your payment account

Choose an integration method, add your items and test orders

Go Live
When you’re ready, we’ll do a final review and then get you selling

Partner Application

Think we’re a good match? Please apply!
We are looking for relationships with reputable retailers and brands that provide first-class customer service, a compelling product assortment, competitive pricing and fast, reliable fulfillment.
Please note that we’re setting up our partner application process and may review submissions via email in the meantime.

Marketplace Seller Customer Care Requirements

Relevant to:

LendeSigns Marketplace Seller Customer Care Process
(How to provide Customer Support for LendeSigns Marketplace customers.)
The Customer is always #1!
When a problem occurs with an order, LendeSigns customers expect a prompt and courteous customer-centric resolution.

General Guidelines

• The LendeSigns Marketplace Seller is responsible for all customer service-related topics. If a LendeSigns Customer Care agent receives an inquiry from a LendeSigns customer, the agent will provide the customer with your company’s customer service phone number and email address.
• LendeSigns Customer Care agents will manage all questions/issues by referring to your return and customer service policies. Please respond to all customer requests and resolve all customer-related issues within 24 hours.
• On occasion, a customer’s issue is escalated and requires special attention. These issues are escalated to the Marketplace Seller’s Tier 2 Customer Support and/or the dedicated LendeSigns Marketplace point of contact (the Account Lead) for your business. Please respond to and resolve escalations within 24 hours or the timeline indicated by LendeSigns in the communication you receive.
• For best results:
• Allow “@lendesigns.com” emails through your spam filters.
• Provide LendeSigns Marketplace with the most up-to-date contact information for your business.
• Refer to the guidelines below on how to resolve common issues before creating a case.
• Additional Days Off apply only to order processing exceptions and are not “vacation” periods. You are still expected to provide Customer Support during your Additional Days Off. Failure to respond to a customer or LendeSigns Customer Care contact may result in refunds.

Seller Requirements for Customer Service
LendeSigns Marketplace Sellers are required to provide customer service to LendeSigns customers for all orders transmitted to your account through Seller Center for your assortment listed on Lendesigns.com. Sellers must respond to all customer and LendeSigns Customer Care inquiries within 24 hours, with high-quality responses. Auto-reply messages do not constitute a high-quality response. Better Business Bureau or Attorney General Complaints sent from LendeSigns employees require high-quality responses within one hour of receipt.

Failure or insufficient responses within required response times may result in:

• Orders may be refunded by LendeSigns to satisfy the customer
• Imposing seller category selling restrictions
• Seller account and commission payments with temporary or indefinite suspension of your selling privileges on LendeSigns Marketplace

Customer Service Phone Number
LendeSigns Marketplace Sellers are required to offer phone support to service LendeSigns order transactions. During onboarding, you were required to provide a customer service phone number for your Partner Account. LendeSigns refers that live agents are available to answer LendeSigns Marketplace questions.


• Your phone number must be accurate and current in Seller Center.
• You must have voicemail available when a live agent cannot answer, and respond to customers who leave messages within 24 hours.
• There must be a greeting before customers are put into a waiting queue.
• Greetings and voicemail messages may not include any advertisements.
• Customer support must be provided in English.

Phone numbers that are prohibited for Customer Service use:

• Cell phone numbers
• Google Voice or any internet telephone service
• Invalid numbers that are directed to another business or company
• Private residential phone numbers
• International numbers

Customer Service Email Address
Your customer service and customer service escalation email address must be accurate in Seller Center at all times. LendeSigns customers and LendeSigns Customer Care will utilize those emails for all order/business-related needs. The customer service email address you provide is used when a customer chooses to contact you directly from their “My Account” section of Lendesign.com.

Failure to meet any section of our Customer Service Policies may result in temporary or indefinite Seller privileges being revoked for LendeSigns Marketplace.

Refund Dispute Process
Sellers may file a dispute for refunds processed by LendeSigns Customer Care by opening a case with Partner Support from the Returns dashboard or directly via Seller Center or Seller Help.

• Requests must be submitted within 45 days of the date the customer refund is processed by LendeSigns.
• Sellers must provide adequate evidence to support their claim.
• LendeSigns will review these requests and determine the appropriate action.

Please review the Marketplace Returns Policy for guidelines, best practices, and the minimum set of return policy requirements.